About helpdesk365®

mc.net and helpdesk365® together provide robust customer centric products and services.

Company Overview

Our mission at helpdesk365® is to create a tailor-made solution for your specific needs, whether that means an office of ten or thousands of users across the globe. Our service agreements, straightforward pricing policies, innovative products, and individualized needs analysis take the time and hassle off your desk, and put it with the experts. It's that simple.

mc.net incorporated on December 5, 1995 as McHenryCom Company, Inc. (dba mc.net/helpdesk365). During the dot com boom mc.net experienced explosive growth through its dial-up and T1 business. What started out as a family owned video store, became an internet cafe to a full blown Internet Service Provider.

As the Internet became a mainstay in nearly every home and business in the country mc.net continually focused on expanding its network. In 2002 a full Wireless Network servicing the local community was built as well as providing many other services including DSLv2, Managed Internet Solutions and Colocation which were introduced and expanded upon.

Throughout the years, mc.net continued to focus on being customer centric. This led the company to naturally evolve into a technical help desk provider, duly named helpdesk365®. There is a great need throughout the industry to provide affordable, friendly, and a knowledgeable US based support to WISPs, ISPs, CLECS, technology providers and a variety of other industries with technical support and customer service needs. helpdesk365® is that solution.

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For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email sales@helpdesk365.us