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helpdesk365® serves as a seamless extension of your business, providing your customers with exceptional customer service - 365 days a year.


As an extension of your business, we understand how critical it is to offer your customers superior service and support. Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring representatives will provide your business with the same quality as you would expect from your own internal employees. Gain a competitive advantage over your competition and increase overall customer satisfaction with helpdesk365®.

helpdesk365® currently services multiple markets and industries including:

  • WISPs, ISPs and CLECs - Interface directly with your customers to solve their Internet Connectivity and Local Networking Issues.
  • Technology Consultants - We're there, when you're away. We can handle issues with PC, Printers, Mobile Devices, and More!
  • Hardware Manufacturers - Let us be your product's technical experts!
  • Software Developers - Assist your customers with navigating your Web Application or Interface.
  • Proactive Monitoring - helpdesk365® Technicians proactively monitor critical infrastructure and network connectivity.
  • General Customer Service

How can helpdesk365® benefit my Business?

  • Reduce your customer service costs related to employee payroll, benefits and training.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competition with high-quality support available 365 days a year.
  • High quality, knowledgeable, U.S. based staff.
  • Find the right option with affordable plans to fit all budgets.
  • Completely Branded Service - We answer your calls with your company name.
  • 100% recording of all calls.

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For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email corpsales@mc.net