Our newly upgraded facilities can provide the kind of reliability you are looking for to host your servers. At we understand your server uptime is critical to your business.


Whether its used for developing applications or hosting web pages understands your server uptime is crucial to your business. Thousands of dollars are lost everyday due to lost Internet connectivity, electrical outage, and virus infection. Colocating your servers with is both economical and will help minimize the impact of such failures.

Our Facilities

Network Speed and Redundancy

Our facility is equipped to meet speeds that meet today's business standards with Internet connections to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones. Colocation customers have the flexibility to choose connections from a single 256 Kbps connection all the way up to a 1 Gbps connection.

Power Redundancy and Availability

Power availability and redundancy is a standard in all colocation services these days. employs multiple Powerware UPS Systems and a Kohler Natural Gas Generator. Additional power is available to the facility should it be required.

Environmental Conditioning and Monitoring

Another standard in colocation services is Air Conditioning and Air Flow.'s facilities include several Liebert Air Conditioning Systems. Our facility is monitored 24 x 7 x 365 for any temperature anomalies and reported to HVAC technicians immediately.

Security and Facility Hazard Monitoring

All visitors to's facility are required to sign in and present ID upon entering. Facilities are only available via electronic key and monitored via video feed 24 x 7 x 365. Furthermore, smoke and fire events are also monitored, plus clean agents available in the event of a fire incident. Fire department is less then 1 mile from our facility.

Remote Hands Availability

Need a server reboot or a message read off the console? Our staff will do these simple tasks free of charge 24 x 7.

Our Colocation Solutions

Shared Rack Space

Shared Rack Colocation is tailored specifically to meet the needs of growing businesses seeking a highly stable environment for mission critical infrastructure with an affordable price tag. Shared rack space is available in quantities from 1U to 13U.

With shared rack colocation, you share a single rack with several other businesses. Customers may access their equipment in shared rack space 365 days a year. One power outlet is provided for each 1U of rack space purchased. Additional power may be purchased if required.

Private Racks

Private Rack Colocation is designed to meet the needs of businesses seeking a highly stable and secure environment for mission critical infrastructure. Your private rack includes perforated locking steel doors to provide adequate ventilation for your servers.

Power distribution is located within the secure confines of your rack space and circuits are not shared among customers. Private rack customers may access their equipment in the data center 24/7. With private rack space you are entitled to one or more access cards which provide unassisted access to the data center for your employees.

Private rack space is available in 1/3 private pod(14 U), 1/2 private rack (21 U), Full private rack (42 U).

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