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iPhone/iPad Email Setup

*NOTE** These instructions assume your iOS (iPhone/iPad) Device is using a wifi enabled device connected to a mc.net Internet Connection. If your device is connected to your provider's 3G/4G network or to another ISP the Outgoing Server Settings most likely will change. Please see our Third Party SMTP Servers page or contact your device provider for the appropriate e-mail settings. Also, due to the vast number of devices on the market, instructions may not match exactly with your particular device.

During the setup process of the iPhone/iPad you may receive a warning that states a secure SSL connection could not be established and asks if you want to try without SSL. Say OK. This process may take several minutes to complete.

Step 1

Click on Settings. Choose Mail, Contact, Calendar.

Step 2

Once you are in Mail you will need at use the 'Add Account...' option to create a new e-mail account on your phone.

Step 3

On the list of Options (e.g. Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo) you will need to use 'Other'.

Step 4

In the 'Other' section and under 'Mail' select the 'Add Mail account' option.

Step 5

Complete the fields under 'New Account' using the following format:

  • Name = Whatever you want to call this account [e.g. your name, work, website]
  • Address = This is your full mailbox address e.g. username@mc.net
  • Password = Whatever was assigned when setting up the mailbox.
  • Description = Choose the default or set this up as you wish.

Click 'Save' (or 'Next' for iOS 4 users).

Step 6

Decide if you want to use the default IMAP option or select POP. Below you will find details for POP (though IMAP should not differ at all).

Step 7

The Name, Address and Description fields should already be populated with the details provided above

Step 8

Incoming Mail Server:

Host Name:

  • mail.mc.net (@mc.net accounts)
  • joltmail.mc.net (@joltmail.com accounts)
  • webmail.mc.net (@domainname.com accounts)

User Name:

  • @mc.net accounts: first part of e-mail address or whole e-mail address.
  • @joltmail.com accounts: first part of e-mail address.
  • @domainname.com accounts: What was assigned when the account was created.


  • Add your account password.
Step 9

Outgoing Mail Server:

Host Name:

  • mail.mc.net (@mc.net accounts)

User Name:

  • @mc.net accounts: first part of e-mail address or whole e-mail address.


  • Add your account password.
Step 10

Click 'Save' (or 'Next for iOS4 users)

Your account should now be set up.

These are standard settings. They will work on ANY device that support POP and IMAP. However, as the note above states, many cellular providers and ISPs require different settings, especially for outbound email settings.

For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email support@mc.net