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How many e-mail accounts are available to me?

Wireless and Dialup accounts come with one "@mc.net" account.

I want to access my e-mail on another computer, how can I do this?

You can access your e-mail by visiting https://webmail.mc.net. This interface acts as a supplement to your e-mail program. It currently does not support address books, sent items or calendars. Once an e-mail is deleted from the interface it has been completely removed from the server. 

I am receiving error 553, This domain isn't in my list of RCPTHOSTS, what is happening?

Most likely your ISP is requiring you to use their outgoing mail server to send mail. For a list of third party servers click here. If mc.net is your connection provider and you are using Outlook or Outlook Express please check the box that states: "My Outgoing Server requires authentication". If you require assistance please contact technical support. 

I am unable to send e-mail all of a sudden, but I can surf, what's happening?

Most likely your software firewall, such as Norton Internet Security, McAffee Firewall or Windows Firewall has been updated and is blocking e-mail. We recommend you temporarily disable your firewall to test if you can send/receive e-mail.

I'm receiving a ton of spam and virus messages, can you block it?

Spam/Virus filtering comes included with your mc.net e-mail account. Please report any missed spam to abuse@mc.net.

For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email support@mc.net