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SMTP (Outgoing) Servers for Third Party Providers

Outgoing port 587 is now available for mc.net e-mail customers and hosted customers. No SSL is required and you must authenticate with your username and password in advanced outbound settings.

Many providers require you to connect to their SMTP (Outgoing) servers to send mail. Here is a list of servers from third party providers. This list may change quite a bit, therefore you may need to contact your provider for more information. mc.net cannot guarantee that this is 100% correct and should be used for reference purposes only.

ATTENTION AT&T INTERNET SUBSCRIBERS - AT&T requires it's customers to enable "Secure SMTP Port 465" and "Use SSL" under Outgoing Server Settings in order to send e-mail. You must also enable "My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication" and use your assigned AT&T e-mail address and password to authenticate.

IMPORTANT: If you are an AT&T/Yahoo! Internet Subscriber you must follow the instructions on this link to complete the configuration of your e-mail. 
http://help.yahoo.com/sbc/tutorials/mmail/mm_accessother2.html . The section entitled "To set up the account so att.net Mail can retrieve email from it" can be ignored.

Adelphia mail.adelphia.net
America Online (AOL) smtp.aol.com
Atlantic Broadband smtp.atlanticbb.net
AT&T Internet outbound.att.net (PORT 465)
AT&T Cell Phone cwmx.com
Bellatlantic gtei.bellatlantic.net or smtpout.verizon.net>
Bellatlantic.net smtpout.bellatlantic.net
Bellsouth mail.bellsouth.net
Bestweb smtp.bestweb.net
Cingular Wireless cwmx.com
Charter Communications smtp.charter.net
Comcast smtp.comcast.net (PORT 587)
Compuserve smtp.compuserve.com or smtp.site1.csi.com
Concentric.net smtp.concentric.net
Covad smtp.covad.net
Cox West smtp.west.cox.net(west coast users)
Cox Central smtp.central.cox.net (central users)
Cox East smtp.east.cox.net(east coast users)
Cox Business smarthost.coxmail.com
Direcway smtp.direcway.com
DLS mail.dls.net
Earthlink Network mail.earthlink.net or smtp.earthlink.net
Fox Valley Internet mail.foxvalley.net
Gateway.net smtp.gateway.net
GTI mail.gti.net
HotMail mail.hotmail.com
Interaccess.com smtp.interaccess.com
Juno smtp.juno.com
Mediacom mail.mchsi.com
MegaPath mail.megapathdsl.net
MCI mailrelay.mciworldcom.net mailrelay.internetmci.com
Mindspring smtp.mindspring.com
MSN smtp.e-mail.msn.com
Netscape smtp.isp.netscape.com
NetZero smtp.netzero.net
OWC mail.owc.net
Pacbell mail.pacbell.net
Prodigy smtp.prodigy.net
Qwest Internet Service pop.dnvr.qwest.net
RCN Cable smtp.rcn.com
RoadRunner smtp-server.<your-region>.rr.com
SprintLink smtp.a001.sprintmail.com
UUNet mail.uu.net
Verizon Internet Services outgoing.verizon.net or smtpout.verizon.net
Wide Open West smtp.mail.wideopenwest.com
XO Communications mail.njd.xo.com or smtp.concentric.net
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com

For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email support@mc.net