We aim to provide clients with easy-to-understand information about the services we provide, so they can make informed decisions about which services best meet their needs.

Intellectual Property Rights

mc.net subscribers have several ways of directly communicating their messages to the global community of Internet users, including:

  • Electronic Mail (email)
  • Instant Messaging
  • FTP Directories
  • Web Pages
  • Peer to Peer Software ("Napster-Like")

Subscribers who use these services from computers within the mc.net domain--those computers whose hostname or address includes mc.net--are required to abide by mc.net's Terms and Conditions. These terms include a prohibition from using mc.net services to unlawfully distribute theintellectual property of others, regardless of the format of the property. When we send intellectual property to our friends, it's possible to infringe on the rights of others without thinking about it. Before you post that Metallica MP3, the new Harry Potter Movie or your favorite cartoon strip on your web page, please remember that these materials are very likely to be proprietary and cannot be distributed without permission.

Intellectual Property is an idea represented in a form that can be sold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of. It's intangible property generally protected by patent, copyright, and trademark law. Some examples include: inventions, works of authorship like short stories or poetry, and a symbol representing a company or product like the mc.net logo. By format, we mean the physical form of the idea: image, motion picture, text, audio files, or any other medium. Distributing here means making available to another Internet user whether via e-mail, ftp, web publishing, instant messaging, Peer to Peer, or any other means.

As part of the global USENET chain, mc.net also provides netnews connections to customers who are not within the mc.net Internet domain. mc.net accepts netnews articles from other USENET servers (news feeds) and feeds newsgroups to our customers' news servers. While netnews articles do reside on the mc.net servers until they are cancelled or until they expire, mc.net network and news servers simply act as a conduit, transferring the articles to and/or from users. mc.net does not control the content of news feeds.

Owners of intellectual property who believe their intellectual property has been improperly posted or distributed via mc.net servers should notify mc.net so that appropriate action may be taken.