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Managed Technology

For individual projects or full-service IT management, we create custom solutions that take care of all your IT needs. We staff experienced, certified Engineers and offer hassle-free support 365 days a year.

Managed Secure

In today's business environment security goes hand in hand with productivity. mc.net recognized this and developed it's own brand of security products to ensure network safety and your employee productivity.

Managed Secure Layer 1 - Spam & Virus Filtering

In today's high speed world employees are inundated daily with thousands of unsolicited e-mail and virus infected messages thus affecting employee productivity and causing increasing repair costs.

Our solution filters an estimated 99.9% of all incoming unsolicited e-mails and nearly 100% of all virus infected messages.

Managed Secure Layer 2 - Managed Firewall

Having an Internet connection without a firewall is like having a house with no locked doors. Firewalls have become an absolute essential in every network no matter the size. However, being able to decipher firewall logs can be exhaustive. With the Managed Firewall, we review your logs and notify you of any potential security threats.

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