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Managed Technology

For individual projects or full-service IT management, we create custom solutions that take care of all your IT needs. We staff experienced, certified Engineers and offer hassle-free support 365 days a year.

Network Monitoring

Optimize your network with extensive monitoring, support, and reporting. Our experienced, certified IT professionals will help you improve performance and ensure you're getting the most from your network.

  • Active Monitor Routers, Firewalls, Internet Connectivity, Critical Servers and services.
  • Monitor network for malicious activity originating from your network such as spam, hacking attempts, or Peer-To-Peer Abuse.
  • Immediate notification of hardware or connectivity outages
  • Monitor SSL Certificate and Domain Name expirations.
  • Notification of software and support contract expirations.
  • Notification of Critical Patches and Updates that are available.

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For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email corpsales@mc.net