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Is your current IT staff overworked? Our staff of Cisco and Microsoft Certified Engineers are available to support your IT infrastructure. We can tailor a solution to fit your business's IT needs.


Don't have a budget for a full time IT Staff, but require the knowledge to keep your IT infrastructure up and running? Our Managed Support Program gives you access to mc.net staff as much as you require. Our staff of Cisco and Microsoft Engineers can manage your entire IT infrastructure from switches and routers to servers and PCs.


Have an overworked IT staff or a large project that needs special attention? mc.net Engineers are available on a per project basis.

Projects Include

Cisco Wireless LAN Deployment

Wireless LANs (WLAN) enable staff to stay connected to network resources for more hours throughout the day—whether in the office, in a meeting room, or roaming a common area. These solutions enhance your workforce's ability to work productively and collaboratively, and stay more closely connected to customers and partners.

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Network Analysis & Documentation

mc.net's Cisco & Microsoft Engineers will come to your location to analyze and document your network. Once a full analysis is complete you will be presented with full network documentation and an action plan to help you optimize and secure your network to it's full potential.

Network Segmentation & Optimization

Segmentation allows you to optimize and secure your network's traffic. Instead of having one flat network, data is sent to only those computers that require it. We'll also configure and install any equipment that may be required for the optimization.

Network Security Analysis

Security has become a top priority for organizations. Organizations want to ensure that their data is safe and away from the prying eyes of hackers and employees without proper credentials. Our engineers will analyze and present an action plan for your organization's security goals.

Firewall Deployment & Optimization

Firewalls are the first line of defense and without optimization and a proper ruleset a well trained hacker will have easy access to your network and your data. We'll analyze and recommend the best solution to protect your network.

Microsoft Server and Small Business Server Migration

Microsoft is consistantly coming out with new features in every instance of their Windows Server Operating System. Our engineers will provide a seamless and painless transition for your organization so that your organization can harness the power of these new features.

Microsoft Exchange Server Deployment

Microsoft Exchange has become one of today's leading e-mail servers because of its full integration with Microsoft Outlook, Web Access Availability, and company wide calendar availability. We'll configure, deploy, and even manage your Exchange Infrastructure.

VPN & Remote Access

Today, having access to corporate resources is essential no matter if your employees are home or a client site. VPNs allow secure remote access to the corporate network for telecommuters and satellite offices. Today's VPN technology extends the workplace well beyond office walls so that personnel can be fully productive at home or on the road.

By including a VPN as part of your complete LAN/WAN design, you can sharply decrease overhead costs typically associated with maintaining isolated networks and users. In addition to improving productivity, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring timely and accurate distribution of information, mc.net's VPN Solutions can give you the edge in retaining employees who need flexible work styles, such as job sharing and telecommuting.

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