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Security Policy

Today hackers and criminals use many techniques to gain access to your personal information. Possibly the oldest and most effective technique is called Social Engineering.

Wikipedia defines Social Engineering as "the practice of obtaining confidential information by manipulation of legitimate users. A social engineer will commonly use the telephone or Internet to trick people into revealing sensitive information or getting them to do something that is against typical policies. By this method, social engineers exploit the natural tendency of a person to trust his or her word, rather than exploiting computer security holes. It is generally agreed upon that “people are the weak link” in security and this principle is what makes social engineering possible."

Therefore, it is mc.net's policy to make sure a user is who they say they are. There are several items that we may ask you to confirm over the phone in order to ensure the person requesting information or a change to the account is authorized to do so. We understand this may be inconvenient, but we want your personal data to be as safe as possible.